You wake up in a spooky room and can't remember how you got there. Your head hurts. Looking around the room you come to realize that you are trapped.

But what's up with these mirrors and is there a way to escape this spooky funhouse.

Created by a team of 9 people as part of the Global Game Jam 2022! The theme was "Duality"


  • WASD  - Move
  • Mouse - Camera
  • E     - Interact/Send objects through the mirror

Created by:

  • Zain Selman
  • Malika Widmayer
  • Angelo Paonessa
  • János Weyhknecht
  • Marco Serrao
  • Philipp Stenger
  • Nora Al-Shamery
  • Joachim Streit
  • Ameen Zhourey

Mixamo was used for the character's animation.


Download 57 MB
Download 56 MB

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